Thanks to the dedicated planning and attention of friends Bruce and Karen Wilson, a team of students from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Susquehanna University came to Underhill on the weekend of April 30 - May 2, 2016 to place the soil and vegetation on Underhill's main roof. Through rain and cold, these students, who included Joshua Levesque, Katie Fischer, Derrek Reitz, Tara Barbarich, Jacqui Meredith, and William Trabold, placed FIFTY TONS of soil over 2300 square feet of roof, and planted over 100 plants. Their contribution embodied the spirit of volunteerism that Susquehanna University holds as a key value.

Working alongside them were friends and community volunteers that included Eileen Stock, Siva Jonnada, Nick Butera, Scott Wilson, Mary McCrae, and dedicated laborer Guadalupe. In preparation for the arrival of the Susquehanna team, these folks spread 22 TONS of crushed stone on the roof, and spread filter fabric.

In the space of three days, these amazing people brought our dream of a green roof house to reality.