Greenbuild Expo in Philadelphia - green is growing

The Greenbuild Expo is happening this week at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.  I spent the morning and early afternoon exploring it.  I found experts committed to building sustainably, and it was a great chance to learn the latest in green technology: waterproofing, drainage, insulation, "root stop," geothermal heating, plumbing, and a lot more.  Contacts were made; we'll see where they take us.  The fact that green building is supported by manufacturers & suppliers from all over the world - enough to fill a huge exposition hall with their exhibits - shows that this technology is growing.  People are learning that it's the way forward for a sustainable civilization.

Anonymous $1000 contribution!

Two days ago, a contributor handed me a check for $1000.  Absolutely amazing.  Not a relative, either!  Just someone who wants to be a part of Underhill getting built.  That brought our total to $2440 on indiegogo, and $3100 in checks.  Thanks to our many contributors - and to the dozens who have contributed their hard work over the years!

Brave Wheat Photography providing social media consulting

Carolynn Ni Lochlainn of Brave Wheat Photography is giving our campaign to Build Underhill an enormous boost, as our consultant on social media.  Our website, our Facebook page, and our twitter feed are working together now, thanks to her expertise & guidance.  We didn't know what we didn't know until we started working with Lynn.  We recommend them: Brave Wheat Photography, 317-449-0745.  Also on facebook & twitter, of course. 

Anonymous $2000 contribution!

Last night a supporter who asked to remain nameless handed me a check for two thousand dollars.   Since the donation happened the old-fashioned way, and not via our indiegogo campaign, this incredible act of generosity won't be reflected in our campaign totals there.  No matter - it will pay for two days PLUS of an excavator and operator, for backfilling and grading around the house.  Thank you for being a shining star among our heroes.

$1320 after less than 24 hours!

Nancy and I launched our indiegogo campaign to Build Underhill less than 24 hours ago, and generous people have already moved us $1320 closer to our goal!  That pays for a day's work with an excavator plus operator, PLUS a truck and driver to transport crushed stone.  Thanks, amazing supporters!