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Underhill has garnered very positive attention in local & state press, including (the state's largest online news portal) and the Morris County Daily Record.

Underhill has secured two sponsors at the $2000 level, and two at the $1000 level.  In addition, we are receiving support from Lubrizol, Tower Windows / Marvin WindowsWholly WholesomeCerbo Lumber, Rockaway Bagel and Deli, and Brave Wheat Photography.

These are the features that make Underhill unique, smart, and green:

  • One of the first green roof (vegetated roof) single-family homes in New Jersey; the first built in Morris County in the last decade.
  • Intensive green roof, 3000sf in extent and with earth 12" deep, will support a restoration of local habitat: small trees, shrubs, and other vegetation native to the site.  These, in turn, will support native animal species, which will be able to access the roof at grade at two points.  This contrasts with most green roofs, which are of the extensive (not intensive) variety, meaning that they support only a shallow growing medium and small plants.
  • Underhill sits deep in a hillside.  The footings at the back of the house are 13' below grade.  The tallest above-grade wall is about 9' - and those walls are built of native stone gathered right on the property.  This means not only that its visual impact on the community is minimal.  The deep placement also conserves energy, because the temperature just a few feet below the ground is an almost-constant 55 degrees fahrenheit.  This makes the house cheaper to cool in summer, and cheaper to heat in winter.
  • The HVAC system for Underhill will include a ground source heat pump (also known as a geothermal heat pump), which exchanges heat with the earth instead of the air.  Since the earth is an almost constant 55 degrees fahrenheit just a few feet below ground, ground source heat pumps use less energy than conventional heat pumps, which exchange heat with the air.
  • Many of the materials used to Build Underhill are locally sourced (with "locally sourced" having the meaning of being made within 100 miles, or within the state).  The concrete block is manufactured 55 miles away; the stone for structural walls and retaining walls are gathered on-site.
  • Underhill's owners are motivated to use the structure to spread the word about green roof architecture and its benefits.  Among Underhill's missions is to make lenders more aware of and comfortable with this type of construction, so that future green roof builders find it easier to secure financing.