I’m Jim Reilly, the designer and project manager of Underhill.  I drew the plans, and I work as general contractor on the project, in addition to doing most of the day-to-day construction.  In 2010 I married Nancy Candea, who provides all sorts of direct & indirect support on the construction.

These are the people and organizations who are building Underhill.  Sponsors & friends: if you'd like your name to link to your own website, let us know.



Kohler Co. SPONSOR
Tower Windows & Doors / Marvin Windows SPONSOR
Lubrizol, makers of CPVC for FlowGuard Gold pipes & fittings SPONSOR
Charlotte Pipe SPONSOR
Maloney & Curcio SPONSOR
Sparta Redi-Mix SPONSOR
Zurn Industries SPONSOR
Cerbo Lumber and Hardware SPONSOR
Rockaway Bagel and Deli SPONSOR
Wholly Wholesome SPONSOR
Brave Wheat Photography SPONSOR

Alex Haynes
Alex Szekula

Amanda Duffy
Andy Jobe
Anthony Szekula

Barry & Maria Morris
Ben Bucher
Bob & Eileen Stock
Brian Stock
Bruce & Karen Wilson
Calaandra Hustace-Candea
Carey Van Driest
Caterina Mako
Chris Nadolny
Christine Lindquist
Christine Rowan
Christine Whalen
Cynthia Billings
Dan Goldman
Dana Kroop
Dave & Rita Karachun
Dave Foubert
David Sitler

Denise Cardarelli
Derek Wilson
Derrek Reitz

Di & Russ Gillette
Donald & June Reilly
Doon & Nancy Wintz
Edward DeZuzio
Ellen Nadolny

Brian Stock
Glenn Beatty
Jacqui Meredith-Metcalf

Jason King Jones
Jay Leibowitz
Jeff Bender
Jeff Cribbs
Jenn Cribbs
Jennie Milsap Crutchlow
Jim McAllister
Joe Discher
John & Mona Reilly
John Rogalo
Jon Barker
June & Don Reilly
Jamie Brink-Grant
Josh Levesque
Katie Fischer

Koerner Crane
Lexz Hustace-Candea
Lisa Parsons & Mattie Wagner
Mary McCrae

Marysue & Tom DePaola
MB McAllister
Michael Allen
Michelle & Mick Chavez-Pardini
Michelle Tattenbaum
Mike & Linda Doyle
Neil Ginsberg
Nick Butera
Patrick Toon
Pete & Darlene Fisher
Rachel Fowler & Karel Lansky
Ray Witwick
Ross Crutchlow
Siva Jonnada
Scott Wilson

Susie Paplow
Suzanna Neeley Bridges
Tabitha Ginsberg
Tara Barbarich

Tom Kraus
Tunstead Welding
Vicky Robinson
Victor Arencibia
William Trabold


Photos of the people who have helped in construction.